Monday, October 15, 2012

31 days of Little Things - Starting the Week Right

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I saw a facebook post that said what do you do to get ready for Monday. I thought this would make a good post for this Monday. I like to start my week off smoothly.  I find Mondays to be a bit rough.  I do a little bit of preparation to make my week run smoothly otherwise things just get overwhelming. Preparing for my week usually happens on Sunday. For it to be smooth sailing for me these things need to happen

I have the majority of my kids laundry done for the entire week.  There is nothing worse than running out of clean stuff before the weeks end or searching for a clean pair of socks.  It sucks the life out of me.  I do occasionally run loads during the week but the majority is done on Sunday.

I use a notebook to map out my appointments and commitments so I know what I am up against for the week.  I like to write things down.  It is very loosely organized but it is in my handy dandy notebook so at least it is in one location. For more information about my really high tech (not) handy dandy notebook click here.

I grocery shop for the entire week on Mondays. I have usually made up my grocery list on Sunday when I browsed the paper. The coupons might not be clipped but the ads have been browsed.

This is the bare minimum I have found I need to do prior to Monday to make my week successful.

The Nester is once again doing 31 days of blogging. Check out what others are writing about for 31 days. I joining Nester with my own 31 days of Little Things. Little things that inspire, motivate, and help me get through my busy life.

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