Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 days of Little Things - Easy Halloween Crafts

I have decided I am crafty NOT handy.  I love to craft with kids.  When I had kids in the morning, I would often be crafting by 7 am.  I love a good easy little craft.  Here is an overview of some my favorites. I think these crafts are probably best for elementary age. (Notice the Paper Plate Theme)

Paper Plate Skeletons make a big window statement in my neighbor's window. It makes me want to make some for my windows this year.  This craft uses brads which are immensely fun for the younger kids.

Paper Plate Skulls
This is based on a Day of the Dead Craft. My youngest wanted to do this craft again this year. The skull with the mohawk was my hubby's last year.  The family that crafts together STAYS together.

Haunted Houses are probably the most request Halloween Craft. Something about being open the windows.  This craft tends toward more adult involvement especially with cutting the windows out.
 Halloween wouldn't be complete without a good Frankenstein craft. 
The Nester is once again doing 31 days of blogging. Check out what others are writing about for 31 days. I joining Nester with my own 31 days of Little Things. Little things that inspire, motivate, and help me get through my busy life.

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