Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 days of Little Things - Inspiration

Do you realize that there are a 1,000 bloggers involve in Nester's challenge blogging for 31 days?  These bloggers are writing on EVERY subject imaginable.  It is really inspiring me.  Here are a few that I keep checking back on.

31 Days of ...........

Outdoor Adventures for Boys at 4tunate - Mom to Quads or Quattro Mom has some great ideas to get outdoors. I loved the post on Geocaching. 

Thrift Transformations at An Oregon Cottage. I love me some thrift.  There is lots of thrift eye candy here.

Beautiful Objects at Beautiful Objects more thrift eye candy.

Better Garden Next Year at Weekend Farm Mom. I desperately want to be a better gardener.

Reading at Life with Ike.  This is just a really interesting series for readers out there.

Margin at the Stanley Clan.  I especially love her post about Messy Margins.  I think Mom's strive to find the balance.  Finding my margin is something I struggle with myself.

Reclaiming My Utopia at Allxys.  She had me at using TP for kleenex.  Good Stuff here.

Gathered Art at Bradford Place.  This is a really unique series about different art you hang on your walls.  Love the blog quote in her banner - Trust us. Walls talk.

DIY Wall Art at A Pop of Pretty. There are lots of Amazing Ideas here on what to put up on your walls.

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