Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

I am linking up with Happy Family Movement Bucket List Challenge and in the spirit of  Ali Edwards Summer Manifesto. 

I usually try to have some type of bucket list for the summer.  My kids are two boys 11 and 14 years old - Also know as the 2 Man Wrecking Crew.  We live in the Pacific Northwest. School is not out for another 2 weeks so this our very preliminary list. I am a Stay at Home Mom so we spend most of our summer together.   So here is our list. I wanted to use 3 x 4 cards so hopefully they might fit in my project life album.  I am not sure if I plan on making a separate album or not.

Bike Rides- Everyone has a bike.  We finally installed our bike rack on the back of the car.  We are good to go.

Washington State Park Geo Tour - 100 caches, 100 parks, 100 years (more details to follow) - This geocaching program launches June 7th. We are big time geocachers and we got to hide a caches for this. We hope to wear out our State Discovery Pass and find25 caches in 25 different state parks this summer and fall.


Beach - We live close to Birch Bay State Park and try to head there for a picnic dinner a couple times during the summer

Eat Ice Cream at Edaleens - It is a rite of summer to enjoy a cone from this semi local dairy to us. 

Ride the Hiawatha - This was on our bucket list last year and didn't happen.  Hopefully we can make this a reality this year.

PJ Ride- This is an idea I got from some Moms at MOPS.  When everyone is in their pajamas, you declare a pj ride for ice cream.  We do this every once in a while.  It is a very big hit. It sounds like Burger King has cones for 50 cents which makes this pretty reasonable too.

Water Fight

Swim- We had a request to go to our local aquatic center.  Hopefully we will get our youngest enrolled in swim lessons. 

Have an Adventure

Reading Program at the library - This years program is called Dig into Reading for Kids. The teen program is called Beneath the Surface.  There is even an adult program called Ground Breaking Reads.

Grandpa and Grandma Visit - The best part according to my kids is that my nephew Colby is coming as well. I should of made a card that said Colby is visiting.

Jetty Island- This is an island near Everett reached by a very short ferry ride.

Learn to Slackline - Our neighbors have one the kids have been messing with.  So on a whim I ordered one from Zuilly.  Anything to get the kids outside.

Here is our list from last year.

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  1. Very cool list!! Love the PJ Ride idea! Would have never thought of that. My twins would be ecstatic to do this.