Monday, June 17, 2013

GeoTour stops 9,10, 11, & 12 - Father's Day Whirlwind Caching Trip

This GeoTour celebrates the 100th anniversary of Washington State Parks with 100 new geocaches in 100 parks across the state. Learn more and get a GeoTour passport and list of caches at GeoTours Washington State Parks. There are commemorative geocoin prizes for those submitting a passport showing they found 50 or 100 GeoTour caches.

We just can't leave well enough alone. The Giant Man Child wanted to geocache for Father's Day.  He is a little obsessed.  So we ended up visiting 4 more state parks. We were minus one man from the wrecking crew as he was all parked out. We started our day at Rockport State Park.  Wow, this is an amazing old growth forest.  This is currently a day use park. There were lots of trails and huge trees.  We ended up on going on a little hike.
Giant Man Child studying the tree rings
Next up was Rasar State Park.  This is along the river.  We were almost eaten alive by mosquitoes here.  The cache was very unique.  I think we lost a pint of blood to the darn mosquitoes however. This park also had a nice playground.
Cache Retrieval at Rasar Park
We had to drive by Deception Pass/Rosario Beach on Saturday because we ran out of time. We figured our dogs had their legs crossed.  We made it here on Sunday. 
Kevin and Charlie at Deception Pass Rosario Beach

This was voted one of the Best State Parks by the readers of the Seattle Times. The views are incredible.
Incredible Views

We visited back in 2007. 
Blast from the pass photo Rosario Beach 2007 - Me, Cody, and Charlie
The cache was very unique here as well.

Lastly, we visited Bay View State Park.  This cache didn't exactly take us to the scenic part of the park. Lets just say it was Honeypot related which I appreciated. It was really a unique cache however.  There were plenty of muggles ignorant of our quest as we removed the cache just a few feet from them.  I took no pictures here. 

***I am reminded as we visit all these different state parks how diverse our state of Washington is geographically. I am also reminded why we should protect these places. The budget cuts have really shrunk our state park budget. It is a shame that we don't invest more into these parks. These places are true treasures.

We officially have 12 stamps in our Washington Centennial GeoTour Passport.  I don't think that is too shabby.

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