Saturday, June 8, 2013

Washington State Park GeoTour - Stop #2 Peace Arch

We are kinda partial to this one as we placed it. This was our first stop to stamp our Washington State Parks  Centennial Geo Tour - 100 caches in 100 parks to celebrate 100 years.

Peace Arch State Park is a unique 20-acre day-use park that lies on the boundary between the United States and Canada. The 67-foot Peace Arch monument sits on the border of the two nations at the 49th parallel. The foundation consists of 76 fourteen inch pilings driven 25 -30 feet into the earth. The Arch was said to be one of the first structures in North America constructed to be earthquake proof.  The 67-foot Peace Arch is jointly maintained by the United States and Canada. The concrete structure was the inspiration of Sam Hill, railroad builder and industrialist.

This cache will take you to part of Peace Arch Park that can't be seen driving through the Port.  The park is known for its lush gardens, vast lawns and panoramic views of Point Roberts and Vancouver Island. More than 10,000 annuals are planted each spring, resulting in abundant foliage year round and colorful blooms during the summer. Rhododendrons, azalea, dahlias and a hybrid tea rose garden are just some of the captivating plants on the grounds. The park also is the site of cultural and international events. This cache will take you to a unique feature of the gardens located at Peace Arch State Park.

This is the 2nd closest State Park to our house.  We have visited here quite a bit.  We checked on our cache which in it's inaugural day only had 1 find.  We also stamped our GeoTour Passport.  My son's have decided this park has the most perfect hill for rolling down.
kids rolling down the hill
Here is our GeoTour so far
#1 Birch Bay State Park

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