Friday, June 7, 2013

A 100 Years, A 100 Caches, 100 Parks

Need a great summer activity? Well Washington State Geocaching Association is teaming up with Washington State Parks to celebrate their centennial anniversary.  They have produced a GeoTour.  What is a GeoTour? It is a series of geocaches that will take you to explore a certain area. 

This GeoTour celebrates the 100th anniversary of Washington State Parks with 100 new geocaches in 100 parks across the state. Learn more and get a GeoTour passport and list of caches at GeoTours Washington State Parks. There are commemorative geocoin prizes for those submitting a passport showing they found 50 or 100 GeoTour caches.
We are so excited because we got to hide one of the caches for the Centennial Anniversary of the Washington State Parks in Peace Arch Park.  Peace Arch Park State Park is located in Blaine Washington.

I of course will be blogging about GeoTour of Washington State Parks.  We hope to visit at least 25 this summer/fall. Our ultimate goal is to visit at least 50.  It would be awesome to get all 100 but we have lives people!

How to participate in the GeoTour of Washington State Parks

1. Log into and create a free account
2. access GeoTours of Washington State Parks to see all the qualifying caches
3. Use your GPS or Smartphone to locate State Park Caches
4. find caches
5 stamp your geotour passport/sign log book
6. log your find on
**** A Discover Pass is required to park at all state parks.

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