Monday, June 24, 2013

GeoTour Stops 13 and 14-- Kopachuck and Penrose Point

The alternate title could be "Geocaching so easy we took a 92 year old along" or conversely "Geocaching so HARD we had to take a 92 year old with us to find it". 
Kopachuck State Park
Cody, Charlie, Pappy
Cody is holding our State Park Passport
Saturday found us once again on the hunt for more Washington State Park Centennial Geocaches - " "100 caches in 100 parks to celebrate 100 years."".  We ventured over to Kopachuck State Park. Pappy was riding shotgun.  We all made it to the cache even though Pappy had to do a little off roading with his walker. 
Pappy Off Roading
Something about how we should trick out his walker with all terrain tires.  The path was a little like a cow trail according to Pappy. We ran into some other geocachers out caching as well. We didn't make it down to the water here.  The park was quite busy here on a sunny Saturday.
Penrose Point
Next we visited Penrose Point.  The trail was a little more than Pappy wanted to tackle so Heather and him hung out by the water.  The point was quite busy.  The tide was out and their was a lot of people out and about.  Pappy and Heather saw 2 bald eagles.  They have a nest nearby.
Tacoma Narrows
After all our adventures, we headed to Pappy's favorite clam chowder place, Steamers. Steamers has a great view of the Tacoma Narrows bridge. It is also near Titlow Park which appeared to have a rather busy and awesome splash park.

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