Saturday, June 8, 2013

GeoTour Stop 1 - Birch Bay State Park

These pictures are from 2004 at Birch Bay of Charlie. He was 2 years old
As part of our Summer Bucket List, we are doing Washington State Parks Centennial GeoTour which is a geocaching challenge/tour. More information about the GeoTour click here.  Birch Bay State Park is our closest State Park to us so we have visited this state park the most - see the above picture.  My most famous post on this is 102 matches.   What is so remarkable about this park is the coastline in this park with it's mainly rocky beach littered with giant driftwood stumps.  This was a quick stop for us.  We got our first stamp in our GeoTour passport.  WAHOO
Kevin and Charlie finding the cache
The cache is quick find but if you have never been here before you should definitely explore the coast line.

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