Friday, June 7, 2013

3..., 2..., 1... LAUNCH

After months and months of planning and waiting, there was lots of waiting.  Our first geocache launched today .  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! The anticipation has been killing me.

For our first attempt at this kind of thing, we thought go big or go home so we signed up to be part of the group of cachers to place Geocaches in Washington State Parks for their centennial.  Our cache is at Peace Arch Park. Our team name is of course THE TWO MAN WRECKING CREW. These geocaches are little different as they will be containing stamps as well as the usual stuff that is in geocaches. The stamp is to stamp your State Park passport. If the geocachers gets 50 stamps or 100 stamps they submit the passport and will be awarded a coin - silver for 50 and gold for 100.

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