Friday, June 14, 2013

Other People's Gardens and Coops

I can't resist checking out other people's garden's.  Mrs Epi got me into her neighbor's garden who is a master garden. .  He has a huge garden.  He is also growing food for the food bank as well. He has borrowed an additional 1 acre lot to raise more vegetables. I love these raised beds with the PVC water system and set up for covering.
What is really neat is this giant bed that is outlined in strawberry plants.  There is also some bean tepees as well and tomatoes in the picture.

I also couldn't resist taking pictures of Mrs Epi's chicken coop that her hubby made from a shipping container and a door from the Re-Store. Silly me forgot to take pictures of her chickens.
front with lockable door

side with nesting boxes access

re-used door for coop access

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