Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End of the Year WRAP UP -2012

4th July - photo by Kevin
It is hard to believe that 2012 is over. I always like to give you the stats for the year for the past year so here it goes. I am a geek like that.

#1 Son Arizona
Booking It Stats -Booking Wrap Up Post(click here)
# of books read - 51

Geocaching Stats
# of geocaches found this year- 437
#of total geocaches found to date - 600
# of personally owned trackables - 5
If our travel bug race was still going Chuckles would still be in the lead with 3008 miles
travel racer that traveled the farthest this year - FLAG- 5227 miles/current location-Switzerland
****More information about geocaching visit geocaching.com

Top 5 Posts of All Time
(according to BLOGGER)
1.Skateboard Swing
2. 50 Sucks Bouquet
3. Ruler Wreath
4.Christmas Tour 2010
5.Summer List *** the only post from 2012 to break into the top 5

# of posts for 2012- 213

One Little Word for Last Year - Maverick
One Little Word for 2013- Endeavor

# of Home Goals Met - 1
Love Wall

Chuckles being silly

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  1. Love this blog and you! Happy New Year! Thanks so much for sharing!