Sunday, June 24, 2012

Travel Bug Race / Launch Day

I mentioned in our Summer Manifesto  and summer list I would like to do a travel bug race.  A travel bug race is part of geocaching.  Everyone places a trackable in a geocache.  The trackable(travel bug) is moved from cache to cache  People log it.  We are racing for the most miles.  The racer that has the most miles at the end of the summer will get a blizzard.  That is high stakes at our house. 

We attached shrinky dinks of our drivers to trackable tags.  I had never used shrinky dinks before.  I got shiny white.  I should of got the frosted ruff and ready because you can use colored pencils on it - live and learn.
my travel racer
Our racers are Shrek, Mrs Honeypot, Ace, and Crazy (with a backwards z)

I even made a leader board in our office.
There was a lot of discussion what cache each person would launch their travel bug from.  I don't know what the science is about this but my theory is I needed mine to be in a well trafficked cache.  It is little sad I have invested in so much time in thinking about this. We ended up placing two travel racers in the cache THEM at a I-5 rest area North bound and 2 travel racers in The Witness Protection Program at a I-5 Rest Area South Bound.  We got up early after a failed attempt last night.
Placed the plastic ant from the THEM on the ant hill.
The cache is named after the sci fi thriller "Them"

Chuck couldn't resist carrying around
the frog found at the cache location.

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