Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping Up Booking It 2012

I thought I give you a wrap up of my booking it 2012.  I read an amazing number of books - 51 to be exact. 

My top 5 reads (so difficult to choose)

1. The Night Road by K Hannah
2. Girl in Translation by J Kwok (somehow I didn't review this but a great first book for this author)
3. Kingdom of Strangers by Zoe Ferraris (love the whole series)
4. Heft by Liz Moore
5. The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon

Here is the round of up of the monthly posts and the books that I have reviewed

Jan -  Reversal by Micheal Connelly, The Great Fitness Experiment by C Hilton Andersen, and One Bite at a Time by Trish Oxenreider

Feb -No One You Know by M Richmond and In the Presence of the Enemy by Elizabeth George.

March - Hunger Games Trilogy and Cutting for Stone by A Vergese

April - The Cactus Eaters by Dan White, The Night Road by K Hannah, A Blistered Kind of Love by A & G Ballard, Barnheart by J Woginrich

May - Hope's Boy by Andrew Bridge, The Kitchen House by K Grissom, and Hey American Your Roots are Showing by M Smolenyak

June - Mindblind by J Roy, The Unquenchable Thrist by M Johnson, and Wild by Cheryl Strayed

July - Becoming Odyssa by J Davis, Russian Winter by D Kalotay, Local Treasures: Geocaching Across America by M Kelley, The Voluntourist by K Budd, Hiking Through by Paul Stutzman

September -Borderlands- Riding the Edge of America by Derek Lundy

October -Kisses for Katie by Katie Davis and The Quarter Acre Farm by S Warren

November - My Abandonment by Peter Rock, American Heiress by D Goodwin, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, War Horse by Micheal Morpurgo, The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon, Await Your Reply by D Chaon, and Ed King by D Guterson.

Dec - Heft by Liz Moore, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and The Racketeer by J Grisham

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