Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breaching a Door

door jam broken
I have always wanted to breach a door. That is police talk for pushing in a door.  I am sure that breaching a door was on my life list.  LOL   It is right up there with going to Biker Church, seriously I want to go once.  Anyhow, my son's door knob fell off and he closed the door.  There was no way in.  The handle had fallen off on the outside of the door. Of course, my hubby was gone on a business trip.  So I thought breaking down the door seemed like a good idea.  Yes, I did try several other things. But the door had a little give so I just gave it a strong shove and OOPS.  Oops as in the door gave and the door frame split.  Hey we got in. 

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