Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Booking It September and Uncle Sam's List

Please check out what what everyone is reading at Life as Mom. I didn't request the book that most are reading , Kisses for Katie. So I once again picked a book off the Hot Picks shelf at the library.

I read an interesting book about the Untied States border called Borderlands - Riding the Edge of America by Derek Lundy.  I found this book  interesting as I have lived at the southern border of the United States and now live close to the Northern Border.  Illegal immigration is a hot topic no matter if you live at the Northern or Southern Border.  This book was actually written by a Canadian, Derek Lundy, who rode his motorcycle along the southern and northern border.  He tried to ride as close as possible to the border.  He did it in memory of some friends that passed on.  Derek had some interesting adventures which he outlines in the book along with the history of the US Border and United States relationship with Canada and Mexico. I think the main conclusion he comes to that no fence is going to stop illegal immigration. That overwhelmingly most Americans that don't live near the border believe a fence will stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.  Those who live near the border and those that patrol the border (Border Patrol Agents) don't believe a fence is slowing down illegal immigration and drug trafficking.  The northern border due to the remoteness cannot be secured with a fence.

I especially like this quote  - " The border can't be both things: a goods-and services conduit and a security perimeter. One form must trump the other, and there's little doubt that security will win out." - Derek Lundy

Because I now live near the Canadian border, I really love some the observations/criticisms he made about Americans and their views of Canada.  He stated that Americans are very ignorant about their northern neighbor especially what Canadians are doing to interdict terrorists. I agree.  This book really gets you to think about illegal immigration and the function the border serves.

Tying into this, my friend just started a new business called Uncle Sam's List which lists businesses that pledge to only use legal documented workers. Here is their mission statement:

At Uncle Sam's List, we promote businesses and organizations that commit to employing U.S. Citizens and those lawfully present and legally eligible to work in the United States. We believe that informed consumers will slowly put a stop to the endless flow of illegal laborers that compete with legitimate workers in the United States. The American consumer can succeed where governments refuse to even try. Economic Patriots understand that supporting our workforce will strengthen our Nation.
I think this is a great way to put out to the community that your business is making a conscious choice to only employ legal workers.

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