Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily Day 9

I am linking up with Ali Edwards December Daily.  Check out what everyone else is doing for their December Daily.

I have one line song disease.  I had another saying for it but it wasn't exactly politically correct.  One line song disease is where one line, usually the chorus, plays over and over in your head.  You only know that one part of the song.  I usually sing it aloud and usually at inappropriate times according to some. One of my favorite Christmas Songs has been running over and over in my mind. The song is, " Mary do You Know?" So I broke out my All Star Gospel Hits Christmas and listened to Natalie Cole sing it this Sunday.  In my mind, I hear it in a woman's voice.

I decided to use a picture of my nativity scene for my December Daily.  The wooden kids nativity  has seen better days.  I loved that my kids played with it and the kids I watched did too.  Not loving that the dog put some teeth marks into a sheep in the background.

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