Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mt Vernon Cache Machine

Near the Over the Rainbow Cache
in La Conner, WA
On Saturday, we got to participate in our first ever cache machine(geocaching event)  A cache machine is a group of people who cache together along a suggested route.  At end of day of caching, they meet up for dinner.
Graffiti with our initials
La Conner, WA
We found 50 caches . So our total caches found for this year is 425. We ran into quite a few cachers who averaged in the 70 and 80 caches for the day. The route included a 100 caches. The area we were in we had found quite a few of them already.  We skipped most of those. We also decided to stop for lunch to warm up and re-group. I will say the majority just kept caching.  We are not the hard core!We found our 400th cache in the same are as our 300th cache.

artistic rendering of our 400th cache
complete with mushrooms as the zeros
This was our best day ever for geocaching. I think an alternate title for this could be is we cache in all kind of weather.  It was really quite wet and rather nasty out all day and high number of caches were hikes.  It was a lot of fun meeting a bunch of different cachers and knowing we weren't the only one's stumped sometimes out there.  I have to say cachers are some the nicest people.

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