Monday, October 3, 2016

Notes of a Mediocre Homemaker - Dollar Store Kryptonite/Eyeball Wreath

The Dollar Store is my Kryptonite.  I always end up buying SOMETHING.

I decided the back of my front door needed a wreath.  I am a little obsessed with creepy eyes at Halloween. However, I needed to do it on the cheap.  I can not walk in the dollar store without coming out with something.  Truly the Dollar Tree is my kryptonite. I spotted a eyeball scarf and the rest is history. That was all the inspiration I needed.  I had the wire wreath on hand but the rest of the supplies are from the Dollar Tree.

I ended up not using the plastic eyeballs and black mesh tubing
Wreath Supplies

black plastic table cloth - cut in 3rds lengthwise
1 eyeball scarf
1 package  Mesh Tube
1 wire wreath form

The technique I used for weaving the black plastic through the wire form is the same one you use for the wire burlap wreaths.  Instead of a black plastic tablecloth I think a black garbage bag would work as well. I just fussed with it until it looked just right.

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