Friday, October 28, 2016

Notes of a Mediocre Homemaker - 31 Writer Blogs I Heart

I have been trying to carve out some time to read some other Write 31 days blogs.  There is so much inspiring writing.   I am always drawn to travel blogs so my list is heavy in that area. 

There are so many awesome bloggers writing for Write 31.  Please take some time to check them all out. I chose a few categories and these are the blogs I was drawn to in those categories.

Too Awesome to Categorize

Global Life Series - A day in the life of an expat.  This is seriously interesting series
Third Culture Mama -Our Family in Global Transition - Discusses there transition to France

Family Life

31 Days of  Family World Travel
Life in Boro Bridge
Generations Remembered - This is fascinating stuff about her family research.

Anyone else have some 31 Writer Blogs I should check out?

Check out my entire Series - Notes of a Mediocre Homemaker
I am linking up with  Write 31 Days.

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