Saturday, October 22, 2016

Notes of a Mediocre Homemaker - What Washington State People Google?

Who buys gift cards?  How many grams in an ounce? What is Spam? What is dim sum? What is kombucha? What is Reddit? Is Comcast down? Is Breaking Bad over?  Will Bernie win? Can Bernie win? Is Ted Cruz Canadian?  

Evidently, we Washingtonians have a few questions. I guess I need to "fess up" that I had to look up kombucha up not too far in the past.  I actually got to exposed to it at Bible study. I have also googled, " Is Comcast down?/"   I feel like I need to step into the google confessional.

My Husband has a term for this  - GTS  I  have written a lot about my adventures with GTS.
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