Friday, August 11, 2017

Trek for the Treasure Hike #5 - Lime Kiln

We started out fairly early last Saturday with a large crew.  We even had Stan the dog.  Lime Kiln trail is located outside of Granite Falls.  The trail was cool with lots of little bridges and different terrain. The total mileage is 6.8 miles out and back.
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There are quite a few artifacts near the trail including the kiln.

We found the treasure after the kiln.  It was located by the river.  It was a great chance to give Stan a swim.
Photo by CRR
We only had one minor trail incident involving nettle.  Someone ended up being called, "Nettle Girl". Still no sight of Sasquatch. On the drive to the trail head, we heard a news story which involved a naked man who believed he was Sasquatch and attacked a hunter.

***Saw slug coitus on the trail.  It was a first.  I know TMI for most of my readers but it was pointed out to me.  Sharing is caring.

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