Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trek for Treasure- The Beginning

Trek for Treasure is a unique hiking adventure that brings together people who care about their fitness, enjoy the outdoors, and embrace healthy competition. Join us this summer on six hikes throughout Skagit County and the surrounding area. Your team of two or more people have two weeks to complete each hike, at your own pace and convenience. Hidden at the end of each hike is a clue. Complete all six hikes, collect the clues, and locate the treasure! - From Trek for Treasure 

My friend, Mrs Epi,  and I were out walking in Bellingham last summer and we kept seeing all these people with Trek for the Treasure t-shirts.  This particular trail dead ends and we decided to eat our lunch there.  We actually caught some ladies finding the clue.  We asked them what they were doing and they enlisted us to take their picture with the clue. Right then and there, Mrs Epi and I decided we would be down to try that. 

Newspaper Article on the Trek

I hope to document our experience.  We are just regular Mom's that like to take walks.  We are calling our team Fluffy Squirrels.  (Will have to practice saying that with straight face)

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