Friday, June 30, 2017

Hike #2 - Trek for the Treasure

My courageous friend and I are participating in Trek for Treasure.  It is a hiking program through a local hospital to get people out hiking. There is a total of 6 hikes each in increasing difficulty. Our team name is the Fluffy Squirrels. Click to see details for Beginning and Hike #1

Our 2nd hike was at Pass Lake/Ginnett Trail in Deception Pass State Park.  The Fluffy Squirrels had to unleash our inner billy goat.  I was extremely glad to have my hiking pole.

The trail took us to the Ginnett Homestead.  This was a giant cement slab where the house stood. The view was incredible.
view from up top
peek a boo view of  lake

This trail is part of the Pacific Northwest Trail. The Pacific Northwest Trail is a long distance trail that starts in Glacier National Park and runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Once we had our clue in hand, we headed back on the trail.  We signed in the log as team number 12. We decided to take the optional Big Cedar Trail back as it said it was only slightly more steep.  It was incredibly steep.  We were basically following a creek up a ravine. It was beautiful with huge old growth cedars.  I was a wimp.  There was a lot of stopping on my part.

Photo by TT
Proof it was steep
Me assuming the Pause Pose
Mrs Epi was rocking it.  Thank goodness, she is willing to do this adventure with me.

We did it!  We met another team in the parking lot so I gave them my sweaty map.  The map was soaked. We had decided my band name was crinkle pants. I had been storing the map in the front of my pants.  I don't know why I didn't give them my good map in my pack. The other team said if they didn't find anyone in the parking lot to borrow a map they were heading to the bar.  (Ha, Ha)

We haven't found Big Foot but we are on the hunt!

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