Friday, July 14, 2017

Trek for the Treasure - Hike 3

Me and My Best Friend have been having a summer adventure.  We have been participating in Trek for the Treasure.  Check out my other posts the beginning, Hike#1, Hike #2.

The Fluffy Squirrels were at it again.  This time we hiked the Fragrance Lake Trail in Whatcom County along Chuckanut Drive.
Fragrance Lake
The last time I hike this particular trail was in 2013 Easter. Blogs are great for looking back.  I believe I said I wasn't built for this type of hike.  Fragrance Lake is a 2 mile hike uphill. It is basically switchback after switchback for 2 miles. This an EXTREMELY popular trail.  Stan the Dog had lots of training opportunities to heal and pull off the trail for dogs and human alike.

Stan the Puppy - 5 months

I was glad he was along so I could take a breather. On the way down he was so trained to get off the trail, he just pulled off the trail and healed and waited for others to pass.

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