Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What I Read August

I feel like I am having an odd summer.  I am having serious Wanderlust.  So this is what my reading selections are mainly reflecting. I am linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit.  Check out what everyone else is reading.

Dear Bob and Sue - One Couple's Journey through the National Parks. This took me a bit to get into. This is written as a series of letters/emails to Bob and Sue friends of Matt and Karen Smith.  They visited all 59 National Parks.  They even visited American Samoa.  I think their journey is amazing.

At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider

" Choosing stability over volatility means staying put when life throws a curveball. It mean digging in your heels when the economy sends your housing price crashing, or when community crime rates skyrocket. Possibly harder, stability means staying put when life gets boring."

That spoke to me in my right now, right now.  I have a serious case of wanderlust.  My summer has been grounded for various reasons and quite frankly it is boring to me.  The closest thing to going anywhere is reading about it.

This book has been reviewed a lot so I am not going to do that and just say READ THIS.  It is interesting, thought provoking, and enjoyable.

Unearthed by Alexandra Risen

What is it with gardeners and uneasy relationships with their parents.  Alexander and her husband buy a house with a huge overgrown garden.  As they unearth the garden, Alexander has to confront her growing up in an immigrant household where people don't talk about the past. Similar in some ways to Orchard House which by the way I LOVED. I loved the map of the garden at the front of book.  I would of loved bigger pictures other than the one's on the inside of book cover. Overall I thought this was interesting book

Traveling Light by Lynee Branard

I really liked this light read.  Al (Alissa)  buys a storage locker and finds the ashes of Roger Hart.  She decides to get Rogers ashes back to his family in New Mexico.  Her adventure takes her across the country and along the way she picks up some other passengers including 17 year old Blossom.


  1. Dear Bob and Sue sounds interesting. I really enjoyed Traveling Light. A good message and fun characters.

  2. Loved At Home In the World (and love listening to Tsh's podcast The Simple Show!). I am intrigued by Unearthed so I am adding it to my TBR list!