Thursday, August 31, 2017

What I Learned This Summer

What I Learned This Summer

I guess my summer is finally winding down. I thought I would share what I learned this summer.  I am linking up with Emily Freeman. Also check out what everyone else learned this summer.


I know you are SHOCKED that we didn't have a close encounter with Bigfoot.  My friend and I did a hiking program through a local hospital. It was called Trek for the Treasure.  We did 6 progressively harder hikes that had clues that were to lead us to find Bigfoot.  We looked for the last clue and literally could not find it. It was disappointing and frustrating. I am though super proud of us for doing this.


On our way back from our Trek for Treasure hike #5, I had a long discussion with my husband.  I felt I wasn't handling the hills/mountains in my life very well both literally and figuratively.  I usually pride myself on tackling challenges but I have been frustrated.  My personal summer plans have been derailed. I did not take it well . I am the Queen of Work Arounds but I have been stuck for a bit on the part of the summer that didn't happen for me.

I saw this quote and had a little ah ha moment

When you can't control what's happening,
challenge yourself to control the way you
respond to what's happening.
That is where the power is.

I have long said, " You always have a choice."  I guess I should work on practicing what I preach.


My youngest son is a trumpet player.  We had a whole lot of music this summer.  He went to Jazz Camp and he is currently at Band Camp for high school.  I love watching him play.  He is so fearless in this part of his life.  I love how he doesn't hold back. I have become a band mom.  Hey, I even got a fortune cookie that involved music.


Many of  you know I am a big podcast fan.  My favorite from this summer was a 2 part REPLY ALL
on a telephone scam - #102 Long Distance and Long Distance #103  I wish I was like Alex Goldman, kidding.  Would you let a scammer take control of your computer.  Would you visit your scammer in India? Listen to this.  It is SO good

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