Friday, June 16, 2017

Hike #1 - Trek for Treasure

Mrs Epi and I and Stanley, the puppy, went on our first hike in Rockport State Park on Friday June 9th with Trek for the Treasure.   Check out my first post on Trek for the Treasure for all the details about our this hiking adventure. Rockport State Park is an old growth forest that is a 632 acre day use park.  The park is approximately 1.5 hours from us so we had to find a day that worked in the 2 week window. We hiked the day after a rain storm so it was a bit on the muddy side. Glad I took Mrs Epi's suggestion of extra shoes.

It was a beautiful hike on the Evergreen Trail with lots of mossy large growth trees, banana slugs, and mushrooms growing on trees. Both of us thought it was a bit more up and down than we expected for a first hike. It was a 3 mile hike.

Of course, I used Digital Project Life to document. We found the clue box which was a skeleton in the woods. Stanley the dog wanted nothing to do with the skeleton.  He barked and barked. Hopefully, we didn't traumatize him for life. We were team #133 to sign the logbook out of approximately 200 teams.

The only hike were team placement counts is the last hike as the first 100 get a special prize.  Looking forward to the next hike.

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