Friday, May 30, 2014

What I Learned in May

Avon Calendar I can see from my Desk
1. I like to look ahead.  I like to have a little plan for summer. This picture on the calendar has been staring at me. It has been mocking me. Summer List from 2012 and 2013 is a good example of what I try to plan.  Last year we had a very ambitious list/project.  We were part of the celebration for 100 years of Washington State Parks and participated in State wide project to place a geocache in a 100 different State Parks.  Our cache is in Peace Arch State Park. We managed to visit 50 different Washington state parks by the late fall of 2013. I don't have any of that planned this year. I am panicking a little.  The good news is school doesn't get out for several weeks.
2. This thought about Long Runways has actually started percolating last month.  The blog post "When you have a Long Runway" at Mrs Darcy got me to thinking. I thought it was an interesting post about people who take longer to process things who also may be introverts. Hey, that is ME! Does that mean I too have a long runway since I waited until May to post this?

3. I walked a total of 500 miles since Dec 25, 2013 so says my fitbit.  Wahoo to me!

4. The Essence of a Life worth Living by Teacher Tom has been ruminating in me.  I find myself more in the rocky margin of my life.  I often joke I want things noted on my permanent record.  I fail far more than I succeed.  Where success happens it is often way off the beaten path after I have fallen down a number times. I keep reminding myself that I am very much a work in progress. Even deeper than that was Life as Mom's Post,"Do They Know You Love Your Life."  Along the same wavelength - 10 Things that People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently. These all really hit home with me. I love my lovely messy sloppy complicated life.  I don't know if I am showing my kids that I am loving my life. That bothers me.

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