Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ferndale Mystery Mansion aka THE CLOCK TOWER

What it looked like in 2011
It now has scaffolding etc
I wrote about this infamous landmark in our town back in 2011(post here).  It is once again in the news. They are being fined and their building permit revoked.

The couple who are building this landmark have even been featured in the Re-Store Newsletter for their remarkable use of salvaged, recycled, and reclaimed materials. They even have a YouTube video.

As you well imagine, this place has become quite polarizing.  Either you believe they are building their dream home or you see it as eyesore.  I personally think that if it was complete the building would be less of an eyesore.  I think people would see it as the quirky house.I don't think revoking their permit is going to improve the outside of the building anytime soon.

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