Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - The Adventuress

June 1986 - The Adventuress
This was actually taken from another boat
passing by when we were under sail. 

Me at the Helm

Us pulling up the Main Sail
I am the one in the very back in the Green Slicker
I was lucky to sail on the ship the Adventuress with Girl Scouts back in 1986.  It was a once in a life time opportunity.  The opportunity was earned by selling lots and lots of girl scout cookies and filling trailers with recycled newspapers.  We did lots of fund raising. It was the first time I traveled with people other than my parents.  It was also my first time to the Pacific Northwest.  Our troop was from Loveland, Colorado so for most of us it was our first time sailing. Now that I am a parent I am in awe of our leaders.  This was an enormous undertaking for our troop and the adults really went all out to help this be possible. I have really great memories from this trip which also included a side trip to Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC.

Little did I know that I would live in the Pacific Northwest in adulthood.  On Monday, I heard that the Adventuress would be in port at Bellingham, WA, a nearby city. 
In Port in Bellingham, WA
So we loaded up and took my kids to see this ship I sailed on with a bunch of girls.  Very little has changed on the ship.  They had replaced the hull and the crew quarters had new woodwork.  This boat is still involved in educating teens about sailing. It is now owned by Sound Experience.

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  1. Very cool to revisit the ship as an adult. Thanks for sharing!