Thursday, May 15, 2014

500 Miles

Well since starting to wear my Fitbit , I made it 500 miles.  I started wearing it Dec 25, 2013.  So as a reward to myself yesterday, I decided to walk the length of Birch Bay Park. I ditched my walking partner, Tigger the wonder dog and did this one alone.
Bald Eagle I saw on my Walk at Birch Bay
Lately, it just has been me and my dog walking.  I prefer to walk with a partner and I prefer to vary the route.  I get bored easily. It is something I feel I have to do.  I try every day to reach my 10,000 step goal.  I guess I am evolving in that I don't need another person to walk with or push me to reach my fitness goal. So, I am hoping to reach 1,000 miles before my birthday in November.

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