Sunday, May 18, 2014

link love - Squirrel Style

Photo by the Polyester Princess
She literally chased down this Squirrel to take it's
Sunday got you down.  Click away on these links.  Just some stuff that I found interesting. Why squirrels? Just because. I got nothing.

Interesting article on Raising Moral Children

What Nutty thing happened when a Teen took a Selfie with a Squirrel - You can't make these things up. This would be a real squirrel moment.

Outrunning the Storm had a good post on Practicing Autism Acceptance.

29 Thing You Only Understand if You Are a Geocacher- I loved #21. If you started young, you're a bon fide expert. #12 was good too. If there's a cache you DNF(Did not find), you won't stop thinking about it until it's in your hands, no matter how many attempts it requires.

Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics - this one is from Money Saving Mom

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