Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unexpected Surpise

We are so lucky that we got to place a geocache for Washington State Centennial Park Geotour to celebrate the Centennial. Our cache is placed at Peace Arch State Park.

What I didn't expect when I placed our cache, was the great stories that people wrote upon finding our cache.  It reminds me why I like geocaching so much.  I thought I would share a few.

Boys pointing to cache

Our First Finder
FTF! Had in hand in just a few moments. TFTH.
Lola & The Gnome

The hint for our Geocache is -"Where Giants Get Their Rhubarb" and here are some of the interesting responses to that hint.
Me in the Rhubarb
Took some time looking for it. Found it before the giant came to harvest his garden. Fun hide. #5 SP stamp for me! This is one of the first state parks that I cached in when I first stared geocaching. I stopped and visited a friend since I was in town. Thank!

We have some of this growing in the Naturescape area of Discovery Gardens in Mt. Vernon. Also called dinosaur food. Giants and dinosaurs must have very good digestive systems. TFTH  (Moink)

Humungous! Tftc (GrammaJoi)

Holy giant rhubarb, Batman! This place was busy today, thanks in part to good weather (and it being a weekend) but also thanks in part to an art festival that was going on. Fortunately, nobody else was really in the area of the cache so we were able to grab it and slip out without being noticed. What a beautiful park - it has been years since I was last here so I enjoyed the opportunity to return. TFTC! (Sembei)

Why don't/didn't my gunnera look like that?
TFTC!!! (Dougsea)
 There was some Wrong Turns as Well. That is always fun on an International Border
 Thanks for the easy cache :)
Once we parked it was EASY. But we missed the turn into the park and ended up going through the border into Canada - my shortest ever visit to Canada! (ConwaySuz)

Thank god I have an Enhanced Driver's License in lieu of a passport. This is what I get for following my Nav on my phone (you would think I would have learned my lesson already after it routed me down the wrong way of a one-way street before). It had me routed to go around into Canada and back into the US for parking. I was in line to cross the border before I realized I should have turned earlier.

A quick talk to the border agent about what I was doing, and he let me turn around.

Now I am in a 10 minute line to get back into the US
. I talk to the border agent, and explain that I followed my Nav instead of my common sense. He laughed, asked if I was carrying any weapons, and anything illegal. I said no, and explained I was in the area to find the cache. He said it wasn't his first time hearing about geocaching, and that he was going to have to look it up, and try it himself someday.

Finally, I arrive to the right parking spot. Quick find. Love the area of the hide!!! Found about 2 minutes before the sun set. TFTH (Geo-LMP)
One of my favorite stories as involves another geocacher helping out a newbie

Came here before attempting to cross the border. Wow the line was long!!! Got near GZ to find a couple with child combing the area for the cache. I could tell they were caching. So I said "What are you doing in those bushes?!"! They looked a little startled. hee hee I told them I was there for the same reason. I found the cache in a couple minutes....and asked them if they'd want me to tell them where it was or wait until they found it. They got so excited and said they wanted to see it. They're pretty new to caching.....and I really enjoyed seeing their excitement!!! We all signed the log....and I snagged a TB from the cache and one that they were carrying (one currently held by cacher that's probably their caching name).

We put everything back and then I told them about the nearby virtual cache. They didn't know what a virtual cache was/is so I explained it to them. I met them there a short time later to make sure they knew what to do for the virtual logging requirements!

Many thanks for the nice sized container on the border. Loved this area! tftc #12479 (Geokashers)

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