Thursday, July 25, 2013

Retro/Vintage Military Tween Boys Room

tin sign above wall switch
I gave you a little sneak peak of Charlie's room design but I never followed up with a completed room post.  A lot of this decor came from around the house. Charlie's is so excited about all the changes we made. I think it looks really good and a lot more grown-up.
Thrifted Bookcase
The story of the amazing 27 cent bookcase.  It went from a nice mint color to sleek black. The prints are from Amazon and I placed in frames. 
Kevin made the desk with a top from the
Dumpster. The chair was a throw away from dumpster
that Kevin fixed
The black square shelves were built by Kevin. All the trinkets and photos are from
stuff we had around the house. The bedding is a blue camo from JCPenny's.

If nothing else there is a ton of history in this room .  There were a lot of contributions of photos from our family.  My Dad's pictures of being in the Air Force.  Pappy on a CAT during WWII. Even pictures of me in my Kevlar helmet. Of course, the room wouldn't be complete without a busted up propeller hanging over the closet.

There are a few more cosmetic fixes and another picture to hang up but it is looking good.

I am linking up with Emily A Clark Kid Space Linky Party. There is still a couple of days before the pottery barn kids giveaway.

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  1. Great steal on that bookcase and dumpster dives. :) Thanks for linking up!