Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Geotour - Bridle Trail, Tolmie, and Millersylvania

We are working on finding all the 100 geocache in the Washington State Centennial Geotour. After this weekend we now have found 20 of the 100 geocaches.  "100 caches in 100 parks to celebrate 100 years."

We stopped Friday afternoon at Bridle Trails State Park.  I was shocked how few people were there.  In an article by The Seattle Times Bridle Trails was considered one of the worse state parks. Some actually said the parks existed for the benefit of its rich neighbors. We saw none of that. We set off on the trail dodging the horse pies.  We even ran into two riders on horses.  Tigger got to meet horses for the very first time.  He didn't even bark.  He was in love with their poo. (I know gross) We loss the signal for our GPS but our great geosenses took over and before long we had the cache in hand.
Cody under the tree tunnel
Saturday we convinced Nonna and Pappy to go geocaching with us.  We stopped at Tolmie State Park which is pretty close to Nonna's house.  The beach is nice but the parking is somewhat limited at the beach access.  I did like that the beach was close and a fairly level approach. Pappy was able to do it with his walker.

Cody on the Beach
We had the cache in hand pretty quickly.

Then we ventured on to Millersylvania State Park just south of Olympia.  This has Deep Lake.  Millersylvania was also voted on by Seattle Times Readers as one of the worse parks. It certainly seemed popular when we visited. We had some concerns about retrieving this cache as the park was really busy.  Practicing a photo op helped us make the grab. I was in the photo so no pictures here.

So far this summer we have hit 20 state parks.  I am amazed at the diversity in our Park System.

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