Friday, July 19, 2013

Geocaching Tales

Our summer has been full of geocaching adventures.  Last Saturday, we were needing some distraction and headed to Lynden to Geocache. 
Charlie in front of the Lynden Sign
We geocached at the city's Frisbee golf course.  I love the art on the water tower which I don't have a decent picture of. IT was a fair sight better than the water treatment plant that is nearby.

Charlie found some frogs being used as geocaches.  The caches were inside these plastic frogs. These are geocaching mascot Signal's relatives.

Sunday found us racing to find a zombie immunity idol for a upcoming geocaching event.  My hubby was elated to be the first to find this idol. We got there just minutes before some other geocachers.
Kev with the Immunity Zombie Idol
Some people will go to any extent to find a geocache.  They have the geocaching FEVER bad if you know what I mean.  Thursday found my hubby in a tree retrieving a geocache.  Lets just say the descent wasn't that great. No bones were broken but the ninja pride was definitely hurt.
Kev in a tree

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