Monday, July 1, 2013

Playground Deconstruction

Playground empty
The time has come to par down our playground set.  The kids are getting older.  We aren't in need of a full play set.  We plan on just having on having swings.  Our Aspie loves to swing.  It is very calming to him.  So we plan on making a play set with just swings and making a smaller footprint for our play yard.
Our set in California
Our swing set just set up in Washington
This playground set has been a hub for our neighborhood as it can be seen from the street.  I love that all the kids loved to come over and play on it.  Nonna bought it for us when we lived in California and we moved it to Washington.  It has been part of our lives for least 10 years.
a favorite addition to our set
was the ever popular banana swing
Cody with a Mohawk
Amazing A on the swing

Big E riding the banana swing
Last Slide before it was dismantled

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