Monday, July 22, 2013

Hovander Park

I made the children go on a mini adventure on Sunday.  I hadn't realized that Hovander Park had updated their playground equipment.  Well I have one child who can't resist a playground.  So, we headed out. We stopped and looked at the cows.  Glad to see they had them out there this year.

What a beautiful playground and a vast improvement over what was there previously.  Though, I am pretty sure we will all miss the yellow tractor that everyone stuffed with gravel. It was a Ferndale tradition.
Cody on the Bridge
We even ventured over to Paul Banyan's Garden.  This story garden is really neat complete with a bed, Paul Banyan, chair, and lots of scarecrows.
Cody and Charlie in Paul Banyan Chair
in the Story Garden
I loved the pot people.
My oldest wanted to stop at the weed garden.  Not sure what the fascination is with that. Charlie was concerned that there wasn't a warning on the stinging nettle plant.  We all have some contact out in the wild with the nettle. I was impressed that he remembered what a nasty weed nettle is.

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