Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Longevity of Drop Cloth Curtains

Well, my well hung curtains in our living room finally died after 8 years.  I had drop cloth curtains before they were cool.  We have some massive windows in our front room.  It was more economical to make drop curtains. These are more café style curtains.

As you can see they held up quite beautifully. The one on the left was the first version.  I actually painted the border on with fabric paint.  The border still looks great.  These curtains were washed frequently.  I felt like they shrinked a little so the new curtain is longer knowing that in the wash these will shrink slightly.

This room gets a lot of light.  That is what I love about it so these did become quite bleached out.  This didn't bother me that they lighten over time.

In the new version, I decided to make them more gathered and without the border.   I think I am over the border look. Either I am getting better at sewing or the this just went really smoothly even when I ran out of white thread in the middle of sewing. It was that kind of day. I still have 2 more to make.

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