Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Trekking

After a totally filling brunch. We decided to do some hiking along with most the rest of the county.  It was a totally glorious Easter.  We hiked from the Clayton Beach Parking part of Larrabee State Park to Fragrance Lake. 

Along the way, we found this beautiful waterfall. 
#1 Son by the Waterfall
Can you spot Tigger the dog in the pic? (those dark dogs blend in)

Here he is.  He wanted nothing to do with the water.  This was Tigger's first time to see a waterfall.  I feel like a proud parent.

We ventured to the lake and chose another trail to go down. 
Fragrance Lake
I am really glad we chose to do it that way.  I am pretty sure I wouldn't of made it up the trail we went down. I wasn't built for that kind of hiking.  Of course, there were folks running up and down it.  That is kinda wrong.  It was a ankle twister.  We spent most of the hike finding geocaches.  We found 18 along the trail.
Chuckles and Tigger
We don't usually take Tigger but he did pretty good.  He might turn into a geocache dog, yet.  We saw plenty of dogs on the trail and he did outstanding minding his manners.  He just wants to be the lead dog so he would get pretty irritated if the boys got ahead.

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