Monday, April 15, 2013

Linky Love

Bored? Want to click on some interesting links.  Here you go :

Neat article about Geocaching. We belong to the Washington State Geocaching Association and are participating in the Washington State Parks Centennial Geocaching Event.  Can't wait to share our part.

My Friend Carol once again posted something profound and interesting - Wanna Make A Difference. It is from Kind over Matter.  It is something I keep reflecting on. 

I like this one too having do with Autism Parenting - Filling Your Happiness Tank

This link is via Becky Higgins Project Life -"Project Life Can Save the World" and the link that is embedded within it NY Times : The Family Stories That Bind Us. Of course this also fits into a the bible study I am doing Beth Moore Bible Study Believing God and how we should relate our spiritual history to our children/family - such as God was here for me when such and such happened.

Lastly via Nester who posted a link to A Holy Experience - What Christians Need to Know About Mental Health

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