Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Life Tuesday - Week 16

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How do you include News Events in your album?  I put a "Life" journal card -Cobalt Edition but I could include something about the Boston Marathon Bombing in the space instead. What should that be? **** UPDATED AT BOTTOM

Products used

Photo Protector - Design G
Colbalt Edition - Project Life Journal Card
Sticky Banners from Smash Book Product Line

Sunday, we spent some at Pappy's house. We ate breakfast at his favorite spot- IHOP. We spotted some blue birds in his yard. Charlie had a field trip on Friday to Padilla Bay. It was a wet day. Cody made pizza from scratch even the dough.

UPDATE - 4/30/13
I decided to make a Boston Card to replace the LIFE card in my above layout. My card is inspired if not practically a copy of the one Lovely Mandible made.

It is a 3 x 4 card with a heart cut out of a Boston Map.  Life on Lakeland had a great post on documenting hard stuff.


  1. Pizza from scratch sounds wonderful!
    I don't always add news events. Sometimes if they did have an impact on me personally, I will write my thoughts on the event. Or sometimes I'll add a quote. I think it just depends on the event.

  2. Thanks for the link back and your comment. I like what you did with the map!