Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cast of Characters on this Blog

The cast of characters on my blog. It has come to my attention that some of the nicknames need some explanation.

Giant Man Child - This is my 6 foot 3 inch hubby who in many ways is a giant child.

#1 Son - This is my first born son.

Chuckles - This is my 2nd born son. Our neighbor, Mrs Respiratory Therapist, nicknamed him this. He actually answers to this better than his own name. It sums up his personality.

Mrs Respiratory Therapist - This is my neighbor. She is a Respiratory Therapist. She loves some lung butter. LOL

Diva - This is Mrs Respiratory Therapist daughter. She watches me on Monday and Tuesday. She is helping me find my inner girl.

Big E - This is Mrs Respiratory Therapist son.

Polyester Princess - This is my sister. She wears a IHOP outfit at her work that is not in the food industry. She loves poly blend. Just ask her she will tell you all about it. She is Mom to my Nephews Sasquatch and Fast Eddy.

Mrs Epi - She is my partner in crime. She owns the adventure van. She is allergic to many things so she carries an Epi pen and knows how to use it.

Bones- This is Mrs Epi's son. He always finds bones.

The Princess - This is Mrs Epi's youngest daughter. The only preschooler I know who can give the deadly silent treatment, seriously. I am secretly or not so secretly jealous of her shiny shoes.

Tic Tac Toe - formerly Ms Smarty Pants . She is Mrs Epi's oldest daughter. She introduced me to the Twilight series of books She is also who I consult on all homework questions.

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