Sunday, March 22, 2009

Report Card

This past week was report card week for my children. If I had to give my week a grade, I would give it a "P". I am not sure if that would be a "P" for passing or "P" for puking. I started my week with picking up a puking child(not my own) and ended it with Upchuck Chuck.

There were certainly "A" moments. I went to #1 Son's conference. It was the very 1st conference I have ever attended that I wasn't greeted by 2-4 specialist along with the teacher. I have been to quite a few that also included the principal. I couldn't help but think during the entire conference, "Wow, this is what it feels like to just meet with the regular teacher." I am so pleased with the progress my son has made. What a difference a program can make along with the right medication. I also got my #1 son to the pediatric dentist. I know that isn't a big deal to most people but it was huge for us. We had put it off due to the cost and the fact that Nonna is a dental hygienist and can clean our teeth. We were able to finally budget it and #1 son was cooperative. He had no cavities either. WAHOO!

There were some "B" moments too. Mrs Respiratory Therapist and I went to the North Bellingham School meeting. North Bellingham school was basically condemned and all the students and staff were moved to the new school behind my house. It was a heated meeting. Due to budget concerns and two bond defeats, the school board has put off a decision to build a new North Bellingham School. Of course, the school board is being wishy-washy on their exact plans and have allowed an alternative school to set up their facility and soon will allow an early childhood facility. You could fill the frustration in the room. I did think the speaker they had that described the bond and levy was very knowledgeable and I walked away knowing why a bond over a levy. I also have decided there is something that happens when you move a Neighborhood School out of the neighborhood. It is hard to establish a community at this new school when people are still attached to their neighborhood school. As long there is a promise to go back to their neighborhood school, there is no incentive for these parents to commit to this school. In fact, one of the parents said to Mrs Respiratory Therapist and I, "Won't you be glad to get back your school. "

Here are the "C" moments. I am a single parent this weekend due to my hubby's work commitments. I am use to this but it never really gets any easier. I know am doing an adequate job parenting but it would be easier and better with the Giant Man Child.

I would be lying if I said that weren't quite a few "D' moments. There was Chuckles conference. That was less than stellar. I think you should feel impending doom when you go to a Kindergarten conference and red flags are raised. Did I mention there was also a lot of puke, too? #1 Son went from a Level 4 to a Level 1, day 1 in his class in two days. Level 4 is the highest level you can be in his class and basically it entitles you to a myriad of privileges. Can anyone say Spring Fever? Lastly the special assignment that the Giant Man Child has been on abruptly ended leaving a lot of confusion among the employees.

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