Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pot of Gold

What is St Patrick's day without hunting for a little gold? Following the gold debacle of 2008, I made sure I obtained my gold in secret. I wasn't able to link to my March 17th from last year but you can go back through the archives to see our hunt. The Diva recreated part of the hunt from last year for Chuckles. I guess it made quite the impression. I used the already made clues here. Everyone is a reader now so we didn't need to follow a trail. I don't have any pictures of the hunt as those things go rather quickly.
There was a lovely note left for the leprechaun by the Diva. The leprechaun left some answers, too
Deer Leprechaun
What do you eat? Lucky Charms Cereal
What do you drink? Green Milk
Can I see your home? Only if you visit Ireland
Can I see who you are in my back yard after lunch? (that little leprechaun managed to miss this question)

The Diva

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  1. That's CUTE!

    JesseKate mentioned you on her blog, so I came over to see what you did.