Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dreaded 5th Grade Book Report

Last week was a long week with snow and deadlines. I am so proud of how hard #1 Son has worked on his book report. He did a great job. He did his book report on "The Incredible Journey". The best thing about this project was he complete the project and turned it in on time.
I don't remember much from 5th grade myself. I don't remember doing a book report. That was a LONG time ago according to my sister, The Polyester Princess. I do remember that I had Mrs Williams and I am pretty sure I was afraid of her. God rest her soul. She had a Ziggy sign on her classroom door that said, "Misery Loves Company." I know at the time I didn't get the meaning of that sign. For gosh sakes, she made us take dictation. I pretty sure my son doesn't have to do that. Those were days. I was jealous that my friend, Blondie in Nebraska, was in Mr Heydt's class. Mr Hedyt was 10 times cooler than Mrs Williams.

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