Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art Moment

Check out this beautiful card made of a picture of my Nephew, Sasquatch, artwork. Can you believe he is 13 years old? He will be 14 in a few short weeks. It makes his Auntie feel really old. After sobbing and whining to both my MOTHER and the Polyester Princess, I am now in possession of two of these beauties.

Featured in our local newspaper were some local artists that do Mosaic murals. Check out their website. This is some incredible stuff.

Hey Aunt P, have you checked out the Chihuly Glass Exhibit at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. The latest addition of Sunset Magazine also had a little article about it. I would so be there if I lived closer. The Queen of Fifty Cents has a really great post about her visit.

#1 Son did this block print. I think it turned out really well

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