Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Recap 2015

Things went down a little differently this year.  We weren't out trick or treating.  THAT felt weird. We still had some interesting experiences.
Cat Lady

There really should be a people of Value Village website.  The interesting factor was really amped up there a few days before Halloween.  We saw the cat lady in Value Village. I think a fake cat would of been fine the whole cat lady costume. By the way, this was a customer.  Her very live cat wasn't that happy. Mrs Epi made me do it!

We carved some pumpkins. Charlie's was a owl/hawk and Cody's was a cat.
Advisory Class Door for Red Ribbon Week - Don't Get Caught in the Web of Drugs

This is the door that Charlie's advisory class did for Red Ribbon week.  I liked it.

Identity Thief
Charlie dressed up as an Identify Thief for a youth group Harvest Party. He put names of his youth group on the name tags as well as some interesting others.

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