Sunday, November 15, 2015

What I Read November

So many good books, so little time.  Either I have too little to read or too much.  That is what keeps my library fines high. I am linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit. Check out what everyone is reading.

I read The Pearl that Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi.  I enjoyed learning about the seldom talked about tradition of  Bacha Posh in Afghanistan where a young girl assumes the identity of a boy. The girl is treated as a son and given all the privileges that entails until they reach puberty.  This is told through two women one in the more present and one in the past.  I enjoyed the story but the ending left me somewhat wanting. I am struck once again about the differences in culture on how women are seen and treated. 

*** Very a la Modern Mrs Darcy aka some Book Parings that would go along well with this book
Finding Nouf  by Zoe Ferraris (part of a 3 book detective series so far) my review

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen is a young adult author who I really enjoy.  She really hooks you into the story.The story is about Sydney and how her brother is imprisoned for drunk driving and how her mother stops really seeing her. Everything in her family life becomes about her imprisoned brother.  Sydney feels acceptance for the first time after changing high schools and meeting the Chatham family. I love the quote from the book below.

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